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    Welcome to little space. NSFW, DD/lg, age-play, et cetera. 18+

    Little Archetypes and their Respective Little Spaces


    As we mentioned in a prior article, there are many types of Littles with a wide array of regressive ages. Major labels of Little regressive or Little spaces fall into the following three types: ABDL, little and middle — none of which being any better or worse.

    For the sake of tagging purposes at…

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    Anonymous asked: When I'm bad, I usually just get spankings. I also have to count them allowed, and say thank you at the end. However, I don't often misbehave. If it were more common, perhaps I would have a more original or elaborate form of punishment.

    Daddy says the punishment must fit the crime! Depending on my infraction or how many warnings I’ve received I get time outs, over-the-knee spankings, the dreaded belt, or the paddle. There’s a good chance I’ll get choked, slapped, fucked, humiliated/used by or in front of company, or the worst yet, no candy!!! I wish I could learn to be daddy’s good girl :’(

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    that’s a good girl…

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